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10 best LAN monitoring tools / software (free & paid) : Windows & Linux

We will not tackle them all in this review but rather identify the best features of this software. It therefore has a number of great security features which include:. Real Time Network Surveillance NetVizor enables you to immediately, and easily see what is happening in real time on your whole network with a single click. Connecting to each specific workstation simply to see what the remote users are working on is no longer required. All logs are often saved and exported for later use. Stealth Mode The employee monitoring software can run in a completely undetectable mode such that it becomes invisible to the individuals being monitored.

It stays under the radar of task managers, registries and other device utilities hence an untraceable business and home network monitoring software. Comprehensive Scheduling Another feature that distinguished the software is the ability to be configured to monitor and record only on applicable times. The LAN monitoring software can also be scheduled to lock down devices if needed.

Remote Control Although remote control is a common feature these days, its convenience in an employee monitoring software is unparalleled. Netvizor uniquely presents the admin with remote applications and security auditing controls for initiating different commands. Protected Access This LAN and home network monitoring software is ideally password protected to facilitate easy control and option changes as well as prevent unauthorized access. Business owners make use of this feature-rich employee monitoring software to keep their employees focused on the job hence increase productivity.

The LAN monitoring software can also be installed on school networks to keep devices intended for research monitored hence reduce leisure use. Netvizor not only functions to take logs but also conveniently allows remote access of files and controls. The detailed log report is also advantageous for review and administration purposes. Its advanced controls ensure that the software is easily programmable for automatic administration. Learn more about IMMonitor Enterprise.

Learn more about Intelligent Management Center. The real-time visibility and control you need for your network while reducing expenses and increasing availability. Learn more about IPAM. Provides an accurate baseline understanding of network connections, routes and hosts through visual analytics. Learn more about IPsonar. Learn more about iWatch. A high-performance content deliver network offering transparent, pay-as-you-go prices. Learn more about KeyCDN. Oracle based data, voice, and video network documentation and management system for companies and government agencies.

Leanides is a turn key Network Automation solution that empowers staff to maximize PC network uptime and improve helpdesk efficiency.

The Best Network Monitoring Software of 2018

Learn more about Leanides D Learn more about LepideAuditor Suite. Web based solution that allows you to map the dependencies between your business services and their underlying IT components. Learn more about Live Maps Unity. A network performance and analytics platform that empowers IT organizations through total network visualization.

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Learn more about LiveNX. LogRhythm Network Monitor provides full network visibility critical for advanced threat detection and rapid incident response. Learn more about LogRhythm Network Monitor. Learn more about LoriotPro. Network monitoring virtual appliance for large networks. View your entire network from one screen.

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Learn more about Megamon. Invisible keylogger for Windows PC that logs keystrokes, websites, chats, files, applications, etc. Learn more about Micro Keylogger. A comprehensive cloud service designed to monitor, manage, and report on server performance. Learn more about Monitorpack Guard.

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Network management platform with VoIP performance monitoring functionality. Learn more about n-Command MSP. Software to manage digital display settings remotely using a graphic-based interface, usable on PC or Mac computers. Learn more about NaViSet. Learn more about nChronos. NCR Network and Security Services protects restaurant and retail network and IT infrastructures with a multi-layered security solution. Advanced NCM tool for today's networking teams: Learn more about Net LineDancer.

Affordable alternative to expensive and complicated high-end network management systems. Learn more about NetDecision. Comprehensive network monitoring appliance.

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Monitor network traffic, devices, and services. Learn more about Netmon.

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Packet capture and store and analysis platform that offers support for real time and historical analysis of network data. Learn more about NetOcean. Online network forensics and analysis system, that offers user dashboards, aggregation and correlation of raw traffic. Learn more about NetOmni. Secure remote control software for IT professionals that allows access to and control of systems from anywhere.

Top 10 LAN Monitoring Tools for 2018

Learn more about Netop Remote Control. Manages computers and crucial hardware such as routers, network bridges, uninterruptible power supplies and software. Learn more about netPrefect. Netscan is a browser based network diagnostic service that you can seamlessly embed into your product.

Learn more about Netscan. Centralized network surveillance, track workstations and individual users that may use multiple PCs on a network. Learn more about NetVizor. It includes the Management console. Learn more about Network Toolkit. Learn more about nGeniusONE. Learn more about NMSaaS.

Noction Intelligent Routing Platform is designed to improve the performance and reduce operational costs of a multi-homed BGP network. Learn more about Noction IRP.

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We help enterprises integrate metrics, events, topology and log data across their diverse ecosystem of IT operations management tools. Learn more about OpStream.