Best Track Wheelset Under 500

Find More Posts by thrllskr. If people aren't tired of answering this for the umpteenth time, you'll get a string of recommendations for almost every name in the catalog that's somewhere close to your price. But you can just use the search engine for that. Get a hand-built set by an identifiable person who is an experienced builder. Don't worry about what words are inscribed on them. The labels won't be as impressive as if you got a machine made or mail order set, but they'll be better wheels whether your group knows it or not.

But I also like thrlskrs suggestion of trying to drum up some discarded wheels on the cheap. Although not a sure route to long-term reliability, a lot of us have a garage-full that are too good to dump but too much trouble to sell. Last edited by zowie; at Find More Posts by zowie. I'm not big on buying second hand wheels. I always view them like buying someone else's troubles. At lbs you shouldn't be too tough on wheels and there are plenty of factory options that should work just fine for you.

For around that figure you can have your choice of alloy rims, laced with quality double butted spokes to whatever Shimano hub still fits within the budget probably Ultegra or I guess there's no denying it. Find More Posts by bigfred. Find More Posts by dkmatdrum. Many thanks for all of your opinions. I have been very happy with my Easton EA70s. Find More Posts by txags Home Hands on Wheels Not cheap or light, but lifetime warranty and he knows his stuff. He built me a rear wheel a few months back that I have put miles on with no issues and it is going strong.

Find More Posts by DWhitworth. Me and my gear weigh about lb. I expect there are many good wheelset alternatives. I got some handbuilt Velocity Dyad rims laced on to White Industries hubs with 40 double-butted spokes. So far so good -- no broken spokes in a year, no other problems. The 40 spoke rims were somewhat accidental the hubs were available and may be overkill. IMHO the keys to 'bomb-proof' wheels are: Find More Posts by asmac. I'll also talk a bit about the fundamental components of any set of wheels, and where you should focus your attention when you shop. All fixie wheels, from the best to the worst, contain the same basic components that set them apart from a traditional set.

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Here is what you will find out there. While the front wheel isn't really any different, the rear wheel features a special hub with a specific function. The rear cog is literally fixed to the wheel. That means that, unlike most freewheel bikes, it doesn't freely spin backwards. This means you can't coast, and the pedals, wheels and drivetrain move in unison. All fixed gear hubs require a lock ring to keep the chain cog firmly in place or else force would work the cog loose.

Lock ring quality is important; if it strips or fails, you won't be able to pedal. This is the toothed ring that the chain runs across. They typically range between 16 and 18 teeth. Some sets offer what's called a 'flip-flop' rear hub, which includes a fixed gear on one side, and a freewheel gear for coasting on the other. It literally lets you flip the wheel around to change your riding style. This set by Pure Fix has a lot going for it, not least of which the price.

It's a great and strong set of wheels that also looks amazing. The prominent feature of these wheels is something you've probably already noticed: They look incredible and come in a wide range of colors, but they're also good even when you look more closely. These rims are strong, 50mm in height and made of double-walled anodized aluminum alloy. That means they're light too. They are c in size, which is more or less the standard seen on fixies these days. The hubs are made by a Chinese brand called KT Quando. They aren't top of the line, but they're found on many wheels and they get the job done.

One nice thing about this set of cheap fixie wheels is the fact that it comes pre-equipped with a flip-flop rear hub, so you can ride fixed or free depending on how you're feeling. They don't come preloaded with tires, so you'll have to find a set of tubes and rubber. That's a bonus in my mind, since the type of tire you choose affects your ride. They're strong, light and true, and available in virtually every color under the sun.

This is definitely a good fixie wheel set that's worth your time to check out.

5 of the Best Budget Fixed Gear Wheelsets for 2017: Reviewed

One of my first sets was a Vuelta Zerolite, and I loved it. These wheels are slick, strong, spin forever and they have a nice 'stealth' look when you remove those decals. The aluminum alloy rim is double walled, and it's a 'medium V' style, meaning that there is some depth to the rim, but it's minimal and not over the top.

Vuelta Zerolite Comp: Budget-priced fixed gear wheels with great quality

The sides of the rim are CNC machined, so they're ready to use with standard calliper or linear pull style brakes. Sticking with the stealth look, the hubs themselves are pretty low flange, so these look nice on a more classic build. There are 32 spokes per rim, which is more than you'll usually find. I like that because it means greater strength.

They're pretty light too, at just under 5 pounds for the set. The hubs are good quality and with quality bearings they like to spin for a long time. This is a flip-flop style set of fixed gear wheels, but it will only come with the fixed style cog, a 16 tooth model. If you want to make use of the freewheel side you'll have to get a freewheel cog which aren't too hard to come by, really. You'll also have to track down some tires and tubes.

The price for these wheels is so good compared to a shop, you probably won't mind. They come in a wide range of colors too, but I personally prefer the polished silver or black styles. If you're hunting for a quality set of wheels for your fixed gear bike and don't want to go too overboard on price, State Bicycle Co. For what you get and how well they are built hand built by the way , they're extremely well priced. Let's get to the technical stuff: That's not the deepest V rim I've seen, but it's significant. Unlike many deep V wheels, they are machined for brakes on the front and the rear, which is nice never ride brakeless.

The hubs are KT Quando, and the rear is a flip-flop. It comes equipped with a 16 tooth fixed cog and it's compatible with a 16t freewheel on the other side, so you have both options available to you. It comes with a set of chain tensioners, which affix to the rear fork ends and can be used to make minute adjustments to the chain tension and rear wheel spacing.

This beautiful, bolt-on fixed gear wheelset has one of the best brands backing it. I really like State Bicycle: There are a few different classic colors you can choose from, so give these wheels a hard look. If you're hunting for a slightly higher end set of still affordable fixed gear wheels, one of the best choices in my opinion is to go with Mavic rims.

However, they can be expensive, and they're priced out of the budget range of most people. It's a double walled mid-profile alloy rim that is fairly light, quite strong and is perfect for a 'stealth' fixed gear bicycle build or anyone interested in getting into track riding. The rims look great, and they're machined too, so they're ready to rock with your brake setup.

Good Aero/lightweight wheelset - Not under ,but ?

They are laced to Redline hubs, and the rear is a flip-flop hub. The set does not come with a rear cog and lockring, so you'll need to find those components. The hubs are sealed bearing, and they spin well with very little friction. Redline is about on par with Formula, and slightly better than Quando in that they're typically sealed bearing and spin a little more freely , in case you're unfamiliar with them. They should arrive pre-taped and ready to go, but as they're clincher style you'll need to also track down some tires and tubes to get them road ready.

This is definitely a good set of fixed gear wheels that will last a while and hold its value if treated well.

Good Aero/lightweight wheelset - Not under 1000,but 500?

Even if you've got a top quality fixed gear wheelset, you can still have a lousy experience with your ride if you don't tune it up properly. Here are some tips to get you rolling in the right direction. Hopefully this article has helped you find the best fixed gear wheelsets for your bicycle. If not, please leave a comment and I'll try to help you further.

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