There Is a How to Browse Multimedia Content Free

Basically, it allows you to do a Google search that's limited to a particular website. For example, if I wanted to search HubSpot's blog for marketing resources so I can cite one of our old blog posts, I'd do a site: The formula for site search is site: So my example would be site: Doing SEO and keyword research? Your marketing software should be able to help. But if it can't or you'd like to augment your data , Google's Webmaster Tools can be a great help. You can check things like the number of indexed pages on your website, submit your site to Google so you're getting crawled and indexed, and even disavow bad inbound links.

It also can give you information on search queries that have a large volume of impressions but low clickthrough rate. Comparing this data to your other analytics data can help uncover some opportunities. I can't even begin to tell you how useful this little calculator is when looking for and analyzing data. Ever want to know the percentage change of two values without having to remember the formula? Simply enter the two values into this calculator, and it'll spit out the percentage change.

  • There Is a Best Way to Browse Multimedia Content Free.
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Trust me, you'll want to bookmark this one. Atlas is Quartz 's data center, and it's chock-full of graphs, charts, and data visualizations. You can search for almost any topic or keyword, and Atlas will have a graphic based on recent research data for you. This is a great tool to get background information on a topic you're researching, or to find fresh data to use in a project you're working on.

Here's a chart based on data from early You know that coworker who always seems to find the perfect animated GIFs for your social posts or internal chat client? To use the tool, all you have to do is open the extension in Chrome, search, choose a GIF, and drag and drop. So far, the tool works in Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and more -- and they're constantly expanding support.

I use the free version of Evernote every single day. From to-do lists and research notes to writing entire chunks of articles, it's proven helpful at every step of the writing and editing process. Its mobile, desktop, and web apps sync automatically as long as you have an internet connection. And if you work offline, it'll sync the next time you have internet.

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Plus -- and this is super important for content creators like us -- it's constantly saving and syncing your work automatically, making it a safe place to write and store ideas. Use it to keep a running list of ideas, take notes, store inspiring articles or ebooks, or plan your editorial and social media publishing calendars. If you like drafting blog posts in programs like Microsoft Word, Evernote, or Google Drive instead of your content management system CMS , then this simple tool can be your best friend.

There Is a Best Way to Browse Multimedia Content Free

Simply paste in your draft, click one button, and then copy the resulting HTML straight from the tool. No hair-pulling or swimming through code required. There is no "right answer" for how long a blog post should be. As long as it serves its purpose -- whether that's thought leadership, driving leads, explaining a new concept, or something else -- length doesn't matter. But although we don't recommend writing blog posts with a word count in mind, sometimes word count can come in handy.

WordCounter works exactly the way you think it does: Paste in your content and it'll spit out exactly how many words you have. According to a study out of the University of Chicago , "A moderate level of ambient noise is conducive to creative cognition. That's why for many people, myself included, white noise helps promote focus. There are a lot of white noise generators out there, but my favorite is Cofftivity. Need to start creating content but don't have the bandwidth? We hear about this roadblock a lot. One way to get around it is by hiring freelancers from reputable marketplaces like Zerys or eLance.

These resources give you access to skilled freelance writers who can write blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, and other pieces of written content for you. While this isn't strictly a writing resource, basic coding knowledge is quickly becoming a must-have skill for the modern marketer -- bloggers and written content creators included.

But learning from scratch can be daunting. Where on earth do you start? It'll teach you quick but useful hacks anyone -- regardless of coding knowledge -- can use in their marketing. For example, you'll learn how to make small changes to HTML like altering headers and spacing, creating text in block-quote form, and inserting social share links. My personal favorite is the hack to change font colors. If you need to get to writing blog posts but aren't sure of an angle or title to get your creativity moving, HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator can do the work for you.

There Is a Easy Way to Browse Multimedia Content Free

Simply enter a few keywords that your blog focuses on, and the Blog Topic Generator will produce a week's worth of titles and topic ideas for you. It might not produce the final title of your blog post, but it helps get you thinking about creative new angles for topics you've written about before. A community of musicians and sound artists, opsound contributors upload their works under Creative Commons licenses for sharing and remixing.

A searchable archive of field recordings from all over the world, soundtransit's community shares recordings under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The mission of pdsounds is to capture the acoustic phenomena in the environment of our daily lives and contribute them to the public domain for free and unfettered reuse. Search for something specific or browse the catalog of public domain sounds. Internet archive open source audio: One subsection of the mighty Internet Archive collection, the open source audio section is primarily full of reusable Creative Commons-licensed sound files.

You can also find usable audio files pocketed throughout the broader Audio collection as well. Although almost everything including Tiger Woods getting air and browser-induced projectile vomiting is embeddable these days, if you need video footage that's remixable or republishable these are some great destinations to check out.

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Internet Archive Moving Images Collection: A community site for creating and remixing video online, users upload footage under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3. You can browse the videos tagged with Creative Commons or use a complex search query to search for videos tagged both "creativecommons" and the keyword you're looking for. You can use Flickr's Advanced Search interface to look only within video content that's Creative Commons-licensed. Beyond the primarily larger collections above, there are many smaller sources for Creative Commons and remix-friendly media from individual creators, collectors and collectives.

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If you've got the time to traverse some of these, you could find even more usable media off the beaten path. Wikipedia list of public domain sources. TeacherLibrarianWiki's list of copyright-friendly image sources. The vast majority of images, audio and video published by NASA are not copyrighted and may be reused, although for commercial usage be aware of NASA's non-endorsement guidelines.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto , Johnnyscriv. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

Right Ways to Browse Multimedia Content Secretly

Click Here to find out more. Flickr is one of its most used sources. When you click on an image in EveryStockPhoto, you can see who owns it, the licensing rights associated with it, and more. I really liked EveryStockPhoto. Flickr Flickr is home to millions of protected photos, but it also features a slew of Creative Commons content that you can use for free on your blog. The first thing to do when you start using Flickr's search is to learn what each attribution category requires you to do.

Some photo licenses require you to merely give credit and link back to the source, while others ask that no photos be used for commercial purposes.

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Depending on your needs, you can search Flickr for photos that fall within your requirements. Overall, Flickr's catalog of photos is outstanding. There are more than million photos for you to sift through. You can search the site or browse photos. In either case, you'll need to be sure what the owner of the content requires from you, if you place a photo on your site.

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I use Flickr's Creative Commons search service on an almost daily basis. Audio If you're looking for audio in the public domain, try out Internet Archive: The site features clips on a wide range of categories. When you find an audio clip on the site, you have the option in some cases of streaming the content or downloading it to your computer. In either case, be sure to check out the attribution requirements. I've found that while some folks don't mind you taking their music and putting into a production of your own, others require some attribution.

Movies Although it's the same site, I thought it was important to break out Internet Archive: With so much content available for the taking, it shouldn't be grouped with audio. When you get to Internet Archive: Movies, you'll find short clips, all the way up to feature-length films.