How to Trace a Jailbroken iPhone

Such is made possible with the help of jailbreaking tools, apps and tweaks. Be sure to hide the inner icon from your dashboard using SB Settings cydia app. You would require a jailbroken iPhone or iPad in order to use Inner. In case you wish to do so, you can follow our step by step tutorial to jailbreak your iDevice running on iOS 7 below.

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The installation and configuration of Inner tweak takes place in two major steps. Firstly, you will have to configure it on your iPhone or iPad by downloading Inner by following the tutorial below. Secondly, you will need to configure the Inner client for desktop in order to gain access over your iPhone or iPad in case it gets stolen. The tweak is available under ModMyi repository for free.

2. Find My Friends

ModMyi repo is added to your iDevice by default as soon as you jailbreak it. Installing Inner Jailbreak Tweak. Under the Settings page of this amazing tweak, you will come across the following preferences.

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Setting up online account. Again, change your Apple ID password often.

How to Spy on iPhone location, Messages, WhatsApp, Facebook without jailbreak

Long passwords using a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, symbols and numbers are the most difficult to hack. Never use easy-to-guess words or write your password down.

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Many websites recommend that you watch for strange activity on your iPhone to determine if you're being spied on. These supposed spyware fingerprints include strange SMS text messages, shortened battery life and an active data icon on the home screen when you're not actively using the iPhone.

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While these symptoms may indicate that a poorly designed spyware program has been installed on your iPhone, they may also be due to other things -- like spam text messages, active background apps or automatic downloads. Additionally, the absence of these tell-tale symptoms by no means guarantees that your jailbroken iPhone isn't being monitored by spyware.

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How to Tell if Your iPhone Has Been Secretly Hacked

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