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Did you feel a little warm in the morning? I sent you a couple of hugs in my thoughts! Good Morning my Sweet! Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. Have a Good Morning and a Great Day! New day, new blessing. All mornings are like Paintings: You need a little inspiration to get going, the outline of a smile on your face and a message from someone who cares to color your day. As you wake up today, ask yourself what you would be, and then go out and do what you have to do. Have a Great Morning!

It takes only a moment to be kind, but the result can last a lifetime. Thanks for your many acts of kindness…Good Morning to You!

I love you immensely, so please stay with me, In the warmth of your embrace is where I wish to be. Open your heart and close your eyes. And let my smile flow through your mind.

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Love is what I felt when our eyes met, That is a day that I can never forget Slowly and steadily you took my breath away, Now in my heart you will forever stay! I feel safe from all problems when we embrace. You alone are my passion, my desire, To spend my life with you is the dream I aspire, If I had one wish, it would be to make you mine, And for the rest of my life experience your love divine. You are a lasting treasure, You fill my heart with immense pleasure. Each time we embrace, My heart beat begins to race.

Times have not been great, but together we came so far. Through the darkest night, you have been my brightest star. Your love has made me blind and you alone I see. In this barren life of mine, you are the most fragrant flower! Every day I think of you Cause you make my life worthwhile. I want to see you more, even if it means just for a while, because I was smitten the first time by your gentle loving smile. I have sent you a message on Facebook, I have written your name all over my text book.

I could write on you an entire e book, To tell you how much I really love you! You are the reason why I sing, Each time I think of you the love bell rings.

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  6. All I want is to be in your arms, Spend my life discovering your charms. Though things may seem hard and circumstances tougher, I have your heart and I will love you forever. I would rather cease to live than live without you, There is a promise in your eyes that you love me too. To always stand by them no matter the stakes.

    Though my alarm wakes me up in the morning, The one I wake up for is you. Though food fills my stomach and water quenches my thirst, The one that fills me up is you. And still when life is being so good to me and words I utter so few, The only words my heart wants to convey is: I truly love you! Is there anything in this world that I will hide from you?

    In dark times I will smile for you. For you my heart beats and my feeling is pure. Ask just once and I could die for you! Saw you in a class and that is when I fell for you, The lecture was on, my heart rang a bell for you. First day of college, is when my eyes met yours, staring at you in the canteen my lips missed the straws. I could look at you all day, I need you more,I want to make you mine and my heart is sure.

    I want to dance with you, I want to tell you good things, I want to be your hero and be your everything. I love you so much, I hope that you stay.

    I will stand by you no matter what comes our way. You have brought me warmth and serenity, through the coldest day. I cannot fathom life, if far from me you would stay.

    80 Romantic and Love Text Messages for Her

    Make him happy by sending a romantic message to a boyfriend. You may also like: Do you know why my world is so perfect? Because my world is you, my cute girlfriend! I asked God to send me the best girlfriend in the world, but He sent me a wonderful woman, who has become my true friend, a passionate lover, a caring partner and the one, without whom I cannot live!

    Thank you for being in my life. My sweet, what can be better than looking into your eyes and seeing there the reflection of your soul and a boundless love for me? You made me the happiest man on Earth. Darling, I hope that this cute message will make you smile: I want you to know that things are changing in the world, but the only thing that will last forever is my love for you. Do you know, when I realized that I love you? When I saw you as a future mother of my children and a woman, with whom I will spend the entire earthly life and eternity.

    Sweet Text Messages To Send To Your Girlfriend

    Let me be today even more romantic and charming than usual and tell you that a starry sky is empty without you, the sun does not warm, and nothing pleases me, only you fill my life with sense. Beloved, my love for you is unconditional, it grows from the depths of my heart, and without your affection and warmth my heart stops beating, all I ask for is you by my side forever.

    Do you know what the best girlfriend in the world deserves? She needs a caring, intelligent and affectionate man. My congratulations, you got me!

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    Your cute smile can melt even the icy heart, which I have had before I met you. Thanks for all the happiness that you gave me, I love you. You are the queen of my heart and the mistress of my fate, the best thing that happened to me is a meeting with you, my sweet girl! I have always thought that a person can experience happiness once in a lifetime, but with you I realized that happiness for me is every minute, every second, every romantic day that I spend with you and moments when I hold you in my arms.

    You know, the world can be saved only by love, but my love for you is so strong that it can heal millions of broken hearts. You are my everything, I love you. What could be better than a favorite girlfriend, who decorates your life and makes you better?