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Once installed, work through the simple set-up wizard or use the one click application and your web browsing will soon be more private than before. Just click its toolbar button, sign up for a free account and type into its window. Like its name suggests, Lazarus can bring your words back from the dead.

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Google Search can be a real pain when its list of results is filled with junk from spam sites that tell you nothing useful. The best way to deal with these is to block them and Google has created a tool to do just that. But what if you want to re-open one of the other tabs you closed? Google Chrome update will save your battery]. Add popular shortcuts Link: Store favourite web content Link: Dragdis Is there anything more frustrating than finding something interesting online — then forgetting where it was? Check spelling and grammar Link: Keep your browser updated Frequently, browser updates are released to plug recently discovered security holes.

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Sign up for alerts Consider setting up Google alerts for your browser to stay current on any emerging security issues. If you use Internet Explorer, for example, create a Google Alert using the keywords Internet Explorer security, or something similar.

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You can opt to receive instant, daily or weekly alerts whenever news articles or other content relevant to that topic hits the Web. Be cautious when installing plug-ins Plug-ins and extensions can sometimes put you at risk. For instance, earlier this year, it was discovered that some Chrome extensions can change service or ownership without notification to users. Potentially unwanted programs PUPs can slip past when you install any sort of software. These little buggers can switch browsers on you without warning and you might never even notice.

Here are three suggested—and free—browser extensions for added security. HTTPS is a communications protocol for securing communications over a computer network, vs.

This extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera helps you determine if a website is safe to surf. The extension displays traffic signal icons next to URLs and links. But shortened links have been known to mask malicious links.

What steps have you taken to secure your browser?

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Which browser security plug-ins have you installed? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. This helps to keep the computer from crashing due to viruses and Trojans-to mention a few. Also found ZoneAlarm two-way Firewall to be very protective and it warns me when I am being attacked by malware,of any type.

IF you are not sure what to try—this might help. If the German Govt. Firefox can be secure if you only install Addons from addons. In my experience Multiplatform Addon developers always complain that Firefox is too strict. It is so much easier to release on chrome.

This makes me think that maybe addons on Chrome are less secure. Why is all this so complicated? This is way too much for a 75 yr old man to have to keep watching all the time. And there are many many other people my age bracket, both male and female that feel as I do. Hi Morgan, The minimum you should have on your PC is an antivirus and two-way firewall do not have more than one of each of these. The additional items are just extra layers of protection.

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It is due to the fact software cannot be protected such as an Apple computer which is a hardware based computer. I advise Zonealarm firewall, AVG anti-virus, and if your computer does not complain too much also use Malwarebytes anti-walware program. These are all free programs and install very simply. I subscribe to Secunia. When software on my computer becomes vulnerable or is old and no longer supported by its developer, the green icon in my task bar turns red letting me know that I either have to update or uninstall an old outdated software that is no longer supported. They also track the Windows platform for updates and vulnerabilities.

They have a free vulnerability monitoring software that can be downloaded from their website that continuously monitors all software on your computer. They also do vulnerability monitoring for corporate organizations. What do you think about the Microsoft message concerning Internet Explorer. Please read the article on ways to better secure your browser. Uncheck the Internet Explorer box and click OK. Security of our computers depends on how vigilant we are in staying on top of MS updates across the Windows platform.

Security breaches is an endless ongoing problem that requires vigilance in keeping our operating and other security software up to date. Even then it is still a constant danger. Its better to keep everything up to date, without fail. Install the heart bleed option in Chrome — there are still over k vulnerable sites out there. What about the Epic browser?

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We recommend researching on this browser should you decide to use it. Steve then proceded to give me instructions how to turn my computer over to them so that they could fix the problems. I asked for some type of verification they actually worked for Microsoft, and he said they worked for Southend Enterprise, whose tech support sub-contracted to Microsoft on the errors reported from my computer back to them.

I was still leery, and said I wanted to check this all out. He gave me his number and name Steve Austin to call when I had done so. Have any of you had similar calls? Is there any way this could be legitimate?? Never trust anyone who calls you and says you have a problem on your PC and that they can fix it for a fee. I got the same call, but he used a different name. I, again, hung up on him. Same scam has been on news recently in Canada. Most of the cases originated in India,and ALL said they were affiliated with Microsoft,which was not true. Scammers tricked them by saying error messages found on computer needed immediate attention or something drastic would happen to pc.

Say no to remote help,if call was made to you. I had a call from probably the same people. They came at me with a statement that they were Microsoft and that MS had detected problems on my computer. They asked for access to my computer which I agreed to.