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Their iPhone will make a shrill beeping sound.

How to Track / Find Your Child's iPhone Using GPS

You can also tap to lock the device or erase it. Alternately, you can also pan and zoom around the map and tap on any device in order to view more information about it.

That's all there is to it! Everything is up to date for the latest version of iOS. Skip to main content. Buy the new MacBook Pro today! Forums Shop Toggle Search. The downside to any of these options is they limit how much oversite you, the parent, can have over your kids.

Parental controls tend to be about negating kids' privacy, after all, except the parents are the Big Brothers in that case. Turn off Siri's active listening—the feature that makes it more like Amazon's Echo devices, always eavesdropping for activation words so it can audibly interact. While there is no evidence that anyone is doing anything nefarious—like listening and recording everything within earshot whether you say "Hey Siri" or not—you can turn it off rather than take the chance.

Of course, why would you trust Apple to let you turn off active listening if it really wanted to listen? Also, how paranoid are you? Location awareness, however, is one of those things that gets a little overdone by the various apps you use.

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It makes sense for apps like Waze or Google Maps to know your location, maybe even social media for check-ins, but do cable channel apps or image-editor apps, among others, really need to know? Does Uber need to know your location when you're not looking for a ride? If an app is actively using location when you're not in the app—say Google Maps is still feeding you directions—a blue bar on the top of the screen should appear to say "Google Maps is Actively Using Your Location. You can turn off Location Services entirely, but as noted, even on a kid's phone that's cutting off his or her cute button-nose to spite their freckled faces.

This is the classic privacy issue all users of any age should know: Then again, don't share that with your kids if you want to check it yourself to see what they've surfed. For that, click Advanced on the same page for a list of sites visited. While you're in the Safari settings for your kid's iPhone, go in and change the search engine to DuckDuckGo the only one that doesn't track them , turn on Block Pop-ups and Do Not Track , and block any cookies not from the current website being visited.

You may also want to download an ad-blocker app like 1Blocker or Crystal Adblock from the App Store; you activate the blocker here. These little info dumps offered by select apps can throw all sorts of information up on the screen; info that other people can access without even unlocking the phone. Apple calls it "Today's View.

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On that screen swipe the home screen right to access , scroll to the bottom, click Edit, and tap the minus button in a red circle to prevent select widgets from showing on the lock screen. Looking at notifications on an iPhone lock screen is second nature—not only for you and your brood, but also the people looking over your shoulder.

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If you don't know about virtual private networks yet, read Privacy Realize that you and your kids need a VPN service not only on your PCs, but also on your smartphones, to stay secure. Yes, this is third-party software that will cost you money—but this is important. Pick one, pay for it, set it up on multiple PCs and tablets and phones, and just luxuriate in all that protection.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner is super convenient, for sure—and if you've set up fingerprint access on a kid's phone, make sure you, the parent or guardian, also have a print or two stored on the device to unlock it. US courts have stated that law enforcement can force anyone to unlock phones using fingerprints and kids have fewer rights than adults —but they can't force access if it's only a passcode.

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Other rules may also be stipulated by your school system. How you feel about the law may inform your parental approach, but if you don't want kids incriminating themselves before the lawyers can be called, consider turning off Touch ID. The first requires a computer with iTunes on it, even if you've never performed an old-school iTunes sync before. The second, easier option is to use iCloud—but this only works if you set up Find My iPhone on the phone.

The phone will have to be on a Wi-Fi or cellular network for this to work, but at least it's one remote-control option in the arsenal. Consider this the nuclear option for a remote child who you can't get to work within your parental restrictions. The final nuke is if the kid's iPhone is lost or stolen. This will lock it, and you can track its location, if available. If all else is lost, then you should tap Erase Phone.

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This will wipe all personal data from the lost iPhone, but it will also switch off all tracking, so you will never find it. Kids love iPhones and iPad, so you may as well use this obsession to sneakily keep tabs on their whereabouts, as well as helping you to lose the iPhone when they inevitably lose it. And now you know how. Today in Apple history: View your medical records from dozens of hospitals on your iPhone. The iPhone keyboard could have looked this bad. Use an Apple Pencil with your iPhone with this dumb hack.

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