Free Download Keylogger for Android

It is a software made by hackers to record keystrokes. You can call it malware too. Software Keyloggers are also available for the computer. For the Android phone, you can download from play store. Some of them are free. All antivirus are useless on Android. None of the antiviruses detect this keylogger as virus.

Recommended apps

For best use these spy apps I recommend you to hide app using a launcher. ZenUI , C launcher , and Nova launcher is most famous out of all launchers. This is the best keylogger I have found. It is paid but you can use it on a free trial for 3 days. It will remotely send you all log files like SMS, call record and keystroke.

Although it records all keystrokes but it separates all apps data. It will send log files after 5 minutes. You can set Time interval to send log files. How to Install Visit ikeymonitor and click on download free trial After signup check your email account.

You will receive a mail from ikeymonitor like this.

How to Install Android Keylogger

Open ikeymonitor and log in with your account. On the Confirm page choosing anything from first two options. I will choose the first option. After that, It will show you an app download link.

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Download this and install in your victim phone. Installation is very simple It will ask for the license key that you receive in your mailbox. I just open my WhatsApp and type some random words here are results. The shadow is becoming famous day by day.

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It is the best free spy app to record all keyboard activities. You can apply a password for securing log files so nobody can see it. Here are simple steps to enable this app. This app is not available in Google play store. You have to download from official site.

This is best free spy software from all tested apps. First of all, it is not a keyboard app it is a spy app.

5 Most Amazing Free Keylogger for Android

You will not need any physical access to see typed keystrokes again and again. Just Install and receive log files online. There is the only one limitation in this app that it will give you free trial version up to 3 days. Therefore, you can use hoverwatch free for only three days. If you are disappointed shadow by his looks, then this app is best for you.

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Your phone will be talking back to the server every once in a while. Supporting OpenStreetMap and Google Maps in Roadmap and Satellite modes, Hoverwatch draws a route on the map to let you know exactly where your kids are and what they are or were doing there. Track your kids location on the map, monitor their calls and messages with an all-in-one phone tracking solution! Hoverwatch installs on your phone and runs silently ever after — no touching or tweaking required.

Hoverwatch reports automatically to a central location, allowing you to access information about your kids location and their phone usage by simply logging in to your account — from anywhere in the world! Protect your device against theft or loss! This feature comes handy when the phone is lost or stolen and you just want to know who has it. The ability to run invisibly in background helps parents look after their kids without them even knowing.

Free Keylogger for Android

Continuous monitoring and periodic reporting to a central location enables access to real-time and historic GPS locations from anywhere in the world. Hoverwatch records and transmits certain types of data required to track phone usage and spy on the phone user. The following types of information are recorded and sent to the central server:. GPS location Geolocation information is continuously recorded and periodically transmitted to the central server. Information about incoming and outgoing calls Data about phone calls made and received calls is recorded; the other party is identified with the phone number and address book information.

The data is transmitted and stored on the server. SMS messages sent and received The full content and accompanying information about text are recorded, transmitted and stored on the central server. Unlock snapshots If configured, the tool can make snapshots of the person unlocking the phone.