How to Set WhatsApp Download Location

Hopes for social robots keep outpacing reality. Both robots are tiny enough to fit in your palm.

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  • Set default download location to sdcard for whatsapp.
  • How to change default WhatsApp media storage location to SD card.

They scoot around on tank treads and chirp more than talk, but Vector can answer basic questions, set a timer or deliver messages from email and texts. It purrs when you rub its gold-plated back. Social robots trace their lineage back to an interactive humanoid head named Kismet, which Breazeal built in an MIT lab in the s.

Saving photos and documents from WhatsApp to computer made easy

Since then, advances in artificial intelligence have propelled the field forward. The popularity of Alexa and its ilk has also helped take the strangeness out of talking machines. The key for Vector and other companion robots, experts say, is to strike the right balance between usefulness and personality. Affordability also seems pretty important.

Saving photos and documents from WhatsApp to computer made easy | Arab News

But people can forgive errors so long as the robot reacts in a realistic way. Israeli startup Intuitions Robotics brought on prominent industrial designer Yves Behar to help craft the look of ElliQ, which is designed for seniors. The robot is expected to launch next year. Instead of cute, ElliQ aims for calm.

Designed to sit on an end table, the robot is shaped like a rounded table lamp with a circular light shining from inside its translucent plastic head. Many researchers say social robots hold great promise in helping an aging population.

How to Move WhatsApp Media to SD Card (Proven Tips)

Such robots could remind seniors to take medicine, prompt them to get up and move or visit others, and help them stay in better touch with extended family and friends. Added a part "Note: One problem that has troubled WhatsApp users is the struggling between limited internal storage and countless fun videos and pictures. We receive new videos and images on WhatsApp everyday and can store these media files nowhere except internal memory on our phone, due to some "technical hurdle" as it is explained on WhatsApp.

So does it leave us no choice but delete some media files when our phone internal memory is low? This post is going to introduce you a simple method to move WhatsApp media to SD card so that your phone internal memory can be freed up. Launch the file manager app on your phone.

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On file manger app, open the internal storage files, from which you will find a folder named WhatsApp. Open the WhatsApp folder, find the Media folder, and cut the folder. Create a new folder on SD card named WhatsApp. Open the new folder and paste the media files from internal memory into it.

WhatsApp से Video photos काे डायरेक्ट SD कार्ड में कैसे save करें? no root (Hindi)

Although I tried to Google out the possibilities and found there is a way to periodically move the data from internal memory to SD card through some apps on play store but I am trying to figure out if there is any permanent solution to this even if it requires to change any of the system config files, I can take that chance since I am also a developer but not an android one though.

Thanks for all the response. SpookDroid Trusted Member Ambassador. Unfortunately nope, Whatsapp doesn't have a setting to automatically use the SD card for media storage.

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You can, however, 'hack' the phone into thinking that the SD Card is part of the internal memory, thus basically expanding your phone's storage akin to 'Adoptable Storage' in newer versions of Android.