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GuestSpy is one of the apps that has the highest technology when it comes to mobile monitoring software. Anyone can download this app directly on their smartphones. Whether you are a boss who wants to spy on his or her traitor employee, or maybe you want to spy on your husband or your wife. If you have teenagers that are starting to get out of control, you definitely need this application.

When using this app, you can easily download this on your smartphone and start monitoring their phone activities like their text messaging, incoming and outgoing calls, URL information that they have access, and it can also provide you with their location once the GPS signal is turned on. This app can even work in the background without you worrying for the app to get detected by the target person once installed.

Another thing is that you do not need to get close to the target person for you to have access to their phone activities.

Part 2. Best Hacking Tools for Windows, Linux, And OS X

All you have to make sure if you have a stable internet connection. Before downloading this free download hacking software for Android and iPhone, you need to learn more about the features that come with the app first. There are so many known benefits of these free to download phone tracker applications.

TOP 4 Hacking Tools

One of the most important is for the security of your children. They can get out of hand at times and this would be your only way to keep them safe from possible harm caused by the outside digital world that you have little control. This app is also very useful when you think that your spouse is cheating on you. If you have doubts about their loyalty to you, let this app help you validate your doubts.

This tracking application is also the best way to monitor whether your employee is working efficiently or not during working hours where you do not have your eyes on them.

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If you are worried that your employee is slacking off at work and they are not doing their jobs properly to meet the deadlines, use this app to help you spy on your employees. Why spend on paid phone tracking apps when you can get it for free? It works on basic principle of collecting data packets and recovering WiFi password from collected data packets. AirSnort is another tool similar to Aircrack in its functionality. This tool can only break WEP passwords. Cain and Able intercepts traffic and use brute force to find the password of any WiFi network. You can also use customized word list based on social engineering to crack the password of the target.

CoWPAtty runs on Linux operating system.

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  • Hack WiFi Password Software Free Download 2018.

The password cracking process is slow. Time required to guess any password is directly proportional to strength of a password. It is easy to break a single word password and nearly impossible to break a password which consists of words, number, symbols and other characters.

Top Hacking Software Used by Hackers and Security Professionals | Security Zap

A coWPAtty latest version contains nearly k dictionary files to speed up this process. But you can return empty handed if your password does not exists in dictionaries. WepAttack software works on Linux operation system. It can crack WEP keys by active dictionary brute force attack. CommView For WiFi is one of the most popular wireless security analyzer software.

The software is easy to use with user friendly interface. These data packets then can be analyzed for WiFi password with help of aircrack-ng. You can also view other information about your hacked WiFi connection with CommView. This is one the only online password cracking tool which is working.

All other online tools are just waste of time and fake. You can use CloudCracker by uploading handshake file to official website.

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After that you just have to give the name of the network and click start to crack the password. The tool will try words and combination from a dictionary which contains more than words. So Sit back, wait for the tool to complete its job and enjoy free high speed internet for rest of your life. I have mentioned the best 11 free software for hacking WiFi passwords with their download links so you can enjoy unlimited free WiFi anywhere anytime. All these tools require some sort of basic knowledge about internet connection, networking, and protocol system to hack WiFi password.

So what are you waiting for start hacking Wireless networks now. Log into your account. Thursday, August 9, Events Guids Advertise Blog. Top 5 Best Fitness Management Application Web browsers and security unrecognizable over last 27 years. OpenEMR bug exposes almost million health records worldwide. Apple chip supplier hit by malware scare, blames WannaCryptor for delay. Reddit breach leaves personal data of some users exposed.