What is the Surest Way to Track Anons on Tumblr

Recall the name of a person whose number you wrote down.

Identify an unfamiliar phone number that shows up on your bill. Related Questions How do you trace an IP address of an anonymous Tumblr ask after responding to the question? Tracing anonymous IP address on tumblr? Can you track someone's IP address from an anonymous ask on Tumblr?

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Blocked an anonymous IP address from asking questions on tumblr, how do I unblock them!? Answer Questions Where can I find a cheap linux vps? Do I need Ethernet if I m within 20 feet of my router? What is an ideal broadband speed. I have just done a test and it was a ping 11 Is this good or bad.? As a network admin what I am supposed to do if firewall blocks all outbound traffic and all work is standstill? Is your internet ip address different then your computer ip address?

By turning it on you are agreeing that you understand people might be assholes to you on your blog. Some may argue "I love getting nice anonymous questions! Do you value the nice anonymous questions more so than you hate anonymous hate? If so, don't complain about anonymous hate because you're self perpetuating it.

Track Anon ask

While it's not possible to actually pin-point a url or location that I know of, at least , I know there's a way to find IP adresses. I've seen it before but I couldn't find it right now. Anonymous shit is never fun. Tumblr used to embed the IP address of every anon asker in the HTML of the "block" button, however awhile ago they started encrypting that information so the 'inspect element' method others have mentioned won't work. What you can do is install google analytics really easy and if you get a dubious message, you can use analytics to view who's visited the "yourblog.

[Hack] Anon Tumblr Tracker [View Anons Tumblr] March 2015

For the most part it's just the same person from my city sending in the hate, which I find hilarious. When they send you an anonymous message, click the "Block" button. Then go to your block list and the user you just blocked will be there.

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If the person is not signed in, but if their signed in and choose to send anonymously, they show up on your blocklist, I've done it. It shows the time which they were on the page, however the time is in military time, so you might need to convert it.

How do you trace an IP address of an anonymous Tumblr ask after responding to the question?

The way you can find out which IP address matches up with which anonymous message on tumblr is either by 1. You checked your blog at 5: You check the statcounter and there was two people on your ask page, one at 5: The first message in your inbox is then the person at 5: Installing an extension onto tumblr like xkit, which allows you to see the times messages were received on tumblr you can find a link to download this here , and then compare this time to the time on the statcounter Side notes: With statcounter, you can also see how people find your blog, how long they stay on your blog, etc.

Sometimes it takes a while for statcounter to catch up. Go to this website: If you have multiple IP addresses, separate them using commas. See pictures for reference. I made up the IP addresses lol Next, enter the website you want the person to be redirected to when they try to go on your blog.

The default is google, but if you want to change the website, go for it. This will bring up a code for you to paste into your code on tumblr. To do this, click command F on your keyboard, and type in the word head.