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In addition it shows how applications use files and DLLs , detects some critical errors in system files and more. The two tools were combined to create Process Monitor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the cat, see Przygody kota Filemona. Retrieved from " https: Tell us what you're playing on Xbox and you could win a free game! One thing i've missed big time while on Windows Mobile was a task manager And when you read all the XDA hacks, thats when you see all your windows desktop tricks apply here too and how similar the OSes really are..

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Also have always wondered what processes are really running on my windows phone. All of this is possible via the developer menu on W10M! Windows 10 Mobile allows you to enable "Device Portal" under Developer Options "For Developers" Once you do that, all you need to do is access your phone by loop back ip i.

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To do this simply do the foll: When the trace log contains a lot of events it can take a few seconds to apply or remove a filter. If you use Process Monitor repeatedly for the same kind of analysis you may want to save your filter collection for re-use. The process tree view shows all processes that were active during the event tracking period and organizes them to show which was launched by which.

The tree also shows a description, full pathname and company name for each process as well as the times it was launched and stopped. If you find a process of interest in the tree you can click the button to jump to the event that represents that process's launch. For each process in Process Monitor's tree you can bring up a timeline of recent file, Registry, network, memory and CPU events.

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The graphs are "live" — clicking on a particular peak jumps to the nearest event in the trace log. Right-clicking in the events area brings up a menu related to the event row and data column you clicked. You can filter or highlight that item, open its location in Windows Explorer or Regedit, or search online for information. A set of toolbar buttons can quickly cut down the collection of events to just those you want to see — process, network, file, or Registry.

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To get a view showing specific event types in their context among other events, you can highlight event lines based on any of the data columns.