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Not sure about other countries. Thanks for this post. I was getting ready to whine "what about those of us who have iPhones and iPads? I now see I have some choices. My Apple iMessage works quite well, computer OR phone. Please don't become too biased, there are many of us who are Mac users that love the way the iOS shares many applications. My Apple iMessage works quite well, computer of phone. I like the first two choices -- just wish there was something like it for iPhone.

I've used google voice for a long time, but with the lack of development, and lack of integration on the iphone, I've had to give it up. I don't download anything even though I frequently send SMS. Just use my email program to send to someone's cell phone: If they're not on Verizon, change the domain accordingly. I'm surprised DeskSMS isn't listed. It's a great app which also allows you to check your phone's messages. The only thing you need is a Google account and then you can receive your messages through Google Talk or the Google Chrome add-on.

I use Google Voice, the text from computer is nice but I use google voice as my main number and love that you can mark a phone number as spam and never hear my phone ring when they call again.


I could get a lot more said in less time by voice than by texting, and it would be a lot cheaper - and stave off Repetitive Motion Syndrome at least for a while longer! I agree talk is a lot easier than send a lot texts.

How To Read Someone Text Messages In Your Mobile

And if you need send so many texts, just get your friend on any of the message apps. One or even a few text messages are enough. But if you're going to send that many texts at a half-minute a text, you can get a lot more said in less time using voice and it would probably be cheaper, not to mention putting off Repetitive Motion Syndrome RMS at least for a little while.

Zipwhip works well, and for simply sending T-Mobile, it is tmomail. Alltel, the number is message. Sprint it is messaging. While it is free to send messages this way, standard text message rates apply to recipients because the messages are delivered as ordinary texts. Much easier to use and it has its own download for your computer, so that you will be notified with a popup and you can write messages without opening your browser.

When needed, you also have access to all your messages, by opening a browser to view them. When you use your browser, it works the same as Mighty Text. Go a ahead and try it. I think you'll like it.

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I liked Motorola invention of its webtop lapdoc. The phone I have made by Motorola turns into a mini laptop and desktop computer. Technically my Motorola phone has two operating systems on it. One partition runs Android, while on the other partition runs a lite version of Linux for the Webtop. Too bad Motorola killed the webtop. Noting is stored on the tablet as both devices are connected using a secured encrypted blue tooth connection. All data a streamed encrypted from the BlackBerry phone to the tablet. Motorola didn't really "kill" webtop, just the new version runs as the tablet version of Android.

Not as cool, but it's still fun to brag to those who don't have Moto ;. I quite like 3CX Android Remote. The app runs a server off your phone like the others listed, and it tells you your device IP address and a port number. You can access this server through any web browser, no extra software needed. Yes No I need help. You can pay for a spy app like Highster Mobile but you mentioned hate regarding yourself several times and that is what you need to work on. Self worth is vital in a relationship and when you begin to hate yourself for being in a relationship then it is time to leave.

How Can You Read Someones Facebook Messages without Their Password

True love is unconditional. That does not mean there are never any issues but you also can love someone yet not have a relationship work out. Love does not conquer all unless there is trust and determination to help that love. Change can happen with true repentance. I want to get text messages from Chase, Redbox, and companies for potions and such.

You can also get their app which is supported by Android and iOS.

Chase Digital Alerts has a texting feature to alert you of account thresholds and other activities. You need to sign up with the link provided and set your alerts. As for retrieving these messages, hacking into these companies is illegal. Yes No I need help Hi, I want to know my girlfriend receiving calls and messages. How to listen and how to track her phone with the GPS system? Please let me know about the above answer.

TruthSpy records calls and has a free 48 hour trial. The app also tracks locations and messages. Make sure that it is not illegal to record calls in your region because many locations require two party consent. Yes No I need help Hello, I want to read my daughter messages? Hi, I want to track my daughter's SMS because she is lying to us.

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She doesn't show us her cell? I am not a good English student. Highster Mobile , Spyera , and OwnSpy are all excellent spy apps for monitoring children as they are hard to detect and hard to work around. Install one of the spy apps mentioned on this page. If you do not trust him, monitoring may help you determine what is happening. Hopefully, you will find nothing.

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Facebook has redefined the way people used to communicate with each other across the globe. It is one of the largest social media site with millions of users exchanging messages with each other on daily basis. Android phones have become a necessity in the life of most people.

These phones enable you to access everything on the go. You can check your emails, your Facebook account and many more on Android devices. With so many services offered by the phone, there is drastic increase in the number of users of Android phones and Android SMS tracking apps as well. Ultimate Facebook Spy App. It might happen that your kids use Facebook messenger to chat a lot with people unknown to you. During these situations, you feel the urgency of checking their Facebook messages to be sure that there is nothing to be worried of. However it is impossible to hack someones Facebook messages without installing the necessary app — so in order to do such a thing you need to get a mobile spy app on the target device.

You can now easily keep a check on your children and know what they are up to by having access to their Facebook messages. You can know the people with whom they chat and the contents of it.