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With the ability to map and mark off areas it would be the best choice and robot vacuum for the price available on the market, otherwise useless.

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Thanks for your feedback! We are continuously making improvements to our product to provide you with better service. We've had our R95 for a few days now. It's my first robo-vac. The first two times it ran it was building the map. You can set the schedule, avoid certain areas, spot clean etc all thru the app.

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When it gets stuck let's face it, it's going to get stuck the voice is super!!!!! I have had no issues with this app whatsoever.

Echo Meter Touch 2 can identify the most likely species of bats in your area.

Maybe I'm lame but it is super satisfying to watch the vacuum in real time on my app; so accurate. After I've used it a bit longer I'll try to update again. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Other bug fixes and enhancements.

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Updated user agreement and privacy policy; 2. Added a new product: Added Contact Us function 3.

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Optimized registration process 5. Fixed some bugs and enhanced usability and user experience. Improved usability and user experience. Bug fixes and usability improvements, 2. Bug fixes and usability improvements; 2. Schedule bug fixes and usability improvements; 2. Optimized working performance of DM88 and DR Some products added new functions of "find me", "accessory lifetime" and "robot rename". Improved the functional details and user experience of App.

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Support new launched products. Update the product name of the login entrance. Optimized Japanese translation of A Optimize language translation, 2. Improve the connection stability, 3. My plumber once vanished into thin air, a disappearing act that drove me nuts enough to spew out an entire post about it. Again, it was Google to the rescue as I had backed up my contacts. Apple actually makes it easy to back up your contacts with Google on your iPhone.

Then go to Settings and enable contacts syncing. As you can see below, my personal gmail account is set to have contacts to be synced on my iPhone. The other advantage of this system is you can keep your work contacts out of your phone to prevent excess clutter in your phone book.

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  5. I save work contacts directly in my work email phonebook, and leave them there. If I need to have a work contact on my phone, I temporarily put him in my phone book. This does make him to appear in my personal Gmail contacts. Should I ever need his number, I can always locate his details from my work email account.

    There is a better way to prevent clutter in your phonebook. Group all your work contacts in a group called Work, and then hide the group from within the Contacts app. Anytime you wish to see your work contacts, just tap on the groups link on the top left of your Contact app, and toggle the tick mark back on. This is far more convenient method except for one little issue.

    You have to go to your browser, sign in to your iCloud, and create the Group there. Why not in the app? However my issues with Apple are not just limited to backup.

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    Let me explain with one feature. Now in Photos, you can brighten the whole image and see details. But doing that causes the rest of the picture to get washed out and you lose the mood. With Snapseed, you can easily brighten one particular area, say the face without brightening the rest of the image and washing out the picture.

    See above the difference between how Photos and Snapseed fixed the image. Of course, this is no big deal for those who use editing software like Photoshop. In fact, it may be possible to do this within Photos for all I know. But for layman like me to whom Photoshop is a puzzle, this is a picture saver. Now tap the screen with two fingers apart, and a circle will appear. Then touch the screen outside and above the image, and slowly swipe right till the brightness count reads To confirm, tap on the window like icon on the top left which gives me a before-after look.

    PhotoScan gets around this by ingeniously shooting four shots from four corners of your image, and then combining the four shots to give a perfect scan without any reflections. In effect you are digitising your real Photo albums without having to go through the tedious process of using an actual scanner to scan each image. In fact, Google is so clued into India that it offers offline maps.

    This is ideal for a country where the mobile network is non-existent in lots of places, and mobile data is limited. Unfortunately, this uses iCloud whose free version only offers 5GB of space. This 5GB has to be shared for all photos, documents and all my iDevice backups, which means it usually has very little free space. Apple would like me to buy extra space on iCloud. Basically you go to Photos where your video is saved, select it, tap the share button at the bottom, and then choose YouTube from the share options.

    So like almost everyone else on Planet Earth, I rely on a Gmail account. But Mail is limited in its capabilities, especially search. I know there are many other good email apps. But sometimes having too many email apps to choose from is more stressful than whatever email issues I have. So I stick with combination of Mail and Gmail apps.

    ‎ECOVACS on the App Store

    Space on iCloud is also an issue as I mentioned earlier. Google Drive is that way a far more convenient online vault as it allows me to share large files without having to worry about running out of space. Of course, there are other custom apps for large file transfers like Dropbox and WeTransfer.

    Google is not always the best alternative when an Apple app falls short. News is one instance where neither Apple nor Google really stand out from the other news apps. Others apps like Flipboard are more popular, at least here in India.