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Mobility Galaxy Note 9 today: Mobility Samsung Note 9 needs to go more mainstream, leverage S Pen to win vs. Mobility Samsung DeX Innovation WA Police to get body-worn camera tech. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services.

You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. H uawei's smartwatch offering comes in the form of the Watch 2, an Android-powered smartwatch from Chinese smartphone maker Huawei. For set up you will have to download Huawei's own watch apps to link to the smartwatch. It comes with a heartrate monitor, plenty of customisable watchfaces and can work with apps like Facebook Messenger, Uber and more. We weren't totally into the Huawei's look, it's a bit bulky but most smartwatches are. We also think it would be two big for some people.

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Huawei's Wear app lets you track your progress, although it is perhaps not as intuitive as Apple's software. That said, we've continued to use it, and it can be used to link to services like Google's Assistant.

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The Apple Watch is now also considered one of the top fitness watches you can buy, with an intuitive apps and a heart rate monitor. While Apple says its battery life should be 18 hours with regular use, most people will easily get two days out of the watch if you limit use to time checking and the odd workout. F itbit's line of sports watches has at last gone one step beyond, with the Fitbit Ionic embracing smartwatch tech with a payments system, smartwatch functions, calls texts, emails WhatsApp messages and more.

With around four days of battery life it will also easily outlast most smartwatches. It's also still a top fitness tracker too, combining Fitbit's simple app with an exercise coach, timers for running, a heart rate monitor, and built-in capabilities for music storage. It can also connect via Bluetooth to the new Fitbit Flyer headphones, which can be used on the go so you can take your music with you when exercising. I t's Fitibt's most advanced fitness watch yet, although in the UK you can only make payments through a handful of small banks.

The look is a little divisive too, and it can look chunky on smaller wrists. A t the border of smartwatches and fitness trackers is Samsung's Gear Fit2 Pro. While it does not have some of the full smartwatch capabilities such as wrist-based NFC payments, it can link up to a number of apps on the Samsung App store.

Hands-On: Apple Watch's New Heart Rate Features

You can download songs directly to Spotify with up to songs stored on playlists. Like other smartwatches, the Gear Fit2 Pro links to your smartphone and can be used to quickly respond to calls with instant text messages. This is primarily a fitness device, and includes a heartrate monitor and built-in GPS.

It is a little bulky, however.

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It is not a pure smartwatch as it lacks many of the key functionalities that other more expensive smartwatches include. However, it does have fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring inside. It can manage GPS tracking, but only when connected to your phone and not on its own. Plus a battery life of up to five days is impressive on a smartwatch.

How to use your Samsung Gear watch with an iPhone

F or those who prefer something fashionable over a bulky smartwatch design, the Michael Kors access range combines the best of smartwatches with the best in fashion watches. Here you can limit which apps have access to what type of your activity data. Not a big fan of fitness? Feel free to turn this feature off for all apps. Do you have a smart house?

Then you probably know what this feature does: It controls connected products — lights and appliances — in your home. Your iPhone is not as secure as you may think it is… https: Apple logs your data, including your gender and ethnicity, books you read and music you listen to, your location, device type, even your registered name, address, and age and other facts.

NOT shared with third parties.

Samsung Gear S, Gear Fit now compatible with iPhone

However, if you dislike the big advertising market and value your privacy, you can turn off the feature:. You can also use our AdCleaner to get rid of ads completely. In the next post we will cover in detail what secrets System Location Services keeps and how best to set up the feature for the way you use your device and for your privacy comfort level.

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