Blackberry Z10 Phone Locator

Blackberry protect will help you stop searching on Google for find my phone, track my phone and locate my phone. Both are very useful.

How to find a lost BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Protect | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

If you are pretty sure that you are not going to get it back again then you can delete the entire data of your phone. In order to stop searching find my phone or track my phone, you need to do few things before you can track blackberry phone on a map. You need to allow location tracking for your device. As you can see that there are 4 more options in the image above. In order to use them directly you need to follow the above steps.

How to Track a Blackberry

You can do these things both from phone and PC. Now choose any one of the options.

Locate stolen BB-Z10

It will override other features of sound such as meeting, silent or vibrate. Blackberry protect can also be used to backup your data.

It can also be used to restore data from old phone to new phone. Once you select the desired option Blackberry protect will automatically save all your selected data. The backup happens whenever your blackberry smartphone is idle.

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Make sure the BlackBerry Protect toggle is switched to on. After that, dive into the Location Services button, and make sure Location Services is enabled there. Now that Protect is working, go out and lose your phone.

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  • In order to use Blackberry protect, you need below required things:!
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Go on, I dare you. Log in using your BlackBerry ID credentials - these are the same ones you set when you first booted up your Z10, Q10, or Q5, and the same password you use to authenticate BlackBerry World purchases.

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Using a BlackBerry OS device? Check out this post for help locating your device using BlackBerry Protect. After you turn on Location Services, your smartphone only sends its location information when you request it through the BlackBerry Protect website, or when your battery power is low. After you enable BlackBerry Protect and turn on Location Services, complete the following steps to view the location of your smartphone on a map.