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It alerts you when you exceed the limit of data usage. It also shows the download bytes as well as upload bytes for each day. It provides you the real-time traffic data usage. You can view the monthly summary chart of the data usage. By providing you the exact status of the data usage, it helps you in maintaining the pace with which you wish to eat into the data. And, if you threaten to break free, it warns you that you are going overboard. Interestingly, you can also set up shared or family plan and be able to keep an eye on the data usage of all the members who are using the data plan.

BeeData Widget is a lightweight data and Wi-Fi usage tracker app. The widget can enormously help you in controlling the data usage on your device.

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It monitors the real-time as well as monthly data usage. The monthly summary chart and historical charts show the data usage in detail.

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SnapStats is highly useful and does a lot more than just tracking the cellular or Wi-Fi usage on your iOS device. It allows you to quickly check out the important stats of your device. As for example, you can instantly find out the system model, boot time, battery usage, data usage, disk usage and more. With the Today widget view, it lets you access the essential stats of your iPhone. Even better, you can use it even offline.

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With the clean UI and simple, Bytes looks very familiar. Having monitored your daily data usage, it notifies you about the pace with which you are consuming the data. The widget can be configured to show either daily or monthly data usage.

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Using the background app refresh feature of your iPhone, it can track the data usage faultlessly. It works with all carriers and tracks, not just cellular data but also Wi-Fi and hotspot. By your plan and how much data you use each, you can customize the setting. Do you know where your family is? You do now with these handy apps designed to share or track locations using your phone.

Peace of mind is priceless.

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Checking in on a family member in is much easier than ever, and perhaps less invasive, too. We don't have to call or text to see that Sally hasn't left the house or that Dad is driving and should be home by 7.

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We have apps that can passively keep an eye on friends and family members' whereabouts, and that's a huge relief. No more worry when someone forgets to call or is held up. A quick glance at your tracking app tells you all you need to know -- and then you can relax. If tracking the people you love sounds shady, or you're worried about spying, don't worry. These Android and iPhone apps are safe and I've used all the ones I recommend below. Contacts have to agree to be tracked, and the apps come with very clear instructions for use.

As you read through each selection, bear in mind that this is not an exact science and that GPS signals determine how precisely locations can be calculated.

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What's more, none of these will work with the phone turned off. Designed around the simple notion of at-a-glance-tracking, Glympse lets you decide who you want to see your GPS location, and select how long they can track you. Although location sharing ends once the time interval is up, it's possible to manually stop the transmission at any time.

Along those lines, it's also possible to tack on extra tracking time. Glympse is perfect to turn on when you're headed home from work and want to let your spouse know where you are. It's also great for friends to keep temporary tabs on one another when you're planning to meet up at a park or public event.

Family Sharing not only lets you share iTunes and App Store purchases , but it also makes it easier for you to track all the devices in your family with the help of Find My iPhone. So next time mom can't find her iPad or dad leaves his iPhone at Starbucks, anyone in your family can help find it! You'll need to have the Find My iPhone app installed in order to track devices in your Family Sharing group. If you don't already have it, you can download it for free via the App Store. Each device must also be running iOS 8 or higher and support Family Sharing.

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The only other stipulation is that everyone's devices must have granted Find My iPhone access to be tracked. You can do this by following these directions on each iPhone and iPad:. Tap the switch next to Find My iPhone to turn it on green is on.