How Does Spyware Get Onto Your Computer

Fighting browser-based spyware Today's browser battle is being fought between forces that want to have control over users' browsers: If a user merely surfs to the wrong Web site, aggressive malware can install itself on the users' box, steal information and possibly give an attacker remote control of the system. Federal Trade Commission called the ultimate in "online chutzpah," a group selling antispyware under the Spy Wiper and Spy Deleter labels actually loaded spyware onto unsuspecting users' computers.

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How does a computer get infected with a virus or spyware?

How spyware gets in your computer Spyware can get in a computer as a software virus or as the result of installing a new program. This was last updated in September Over-the-top OTT and pay TV are two business models that allow consumers to subscribe to television content.

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Submit your e-mail address below. We'll send you an email containing your password. Piggybacked software installation - Some applications -- particularly peer-to-peer file-sharing clients -- will install spyware as a part of their standard installation procedure. If you don't read the installation list closely, you might not notice that you're getting more than the file-sharing application you want. This is especially true of the "free" versions that are advertised as alternatives to software you have to buy.

As the old saying goes, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Browser add-ons - These are pieces of software that add enhancements to your Web browser, like a toolbar, animated pal or additional search box. Sometimes, these really do what they say they'll do but also include elements of spyware as part of the deal.

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  • Or sometimes they are nothing more than thinly veiled spyware themselves. Particularly nasty add-ons are considered browser hijackers -- these embed themselves deeply in your machine and take quite a bit of work to get rid of.

    Internet & Computer Viruses : What Does Spyware Do Once It Is Downloaded on the Computer?

    Masquerading as anti-spyware -- This is one of the cruelest tricks in the book. This type of software convinces you that it's a tool to detect and remove spyware.

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    When you run the tool, it tells you your computer is clean while it installs additional spyware of its own. Related Content " ".

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