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I have one request from developer, if feasible can you please add how much is the internal temperature of my iPhone at that time and if possible it's history.

Cell Phone Monitoring Software for iPhone 5S

For no reason, my iPhone gets hot and I feel uncomfortable using it. If I get this data then I can try to narrow down to a specific reason. I wanted to check mine. First, I am fascinated at the abundance of data presented in a user-friendly format. The dev writes in a straight-forward tone that I can understand.

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This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description System Status is the ultimate app for monitoring your iPhone and iPad performance. For this reason the full charge sound alert is not available any more. There are still some older apps on the App Store offering this feature so you may find a suitable free substitute.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Log in or Sign up. Do more people switch from the iPhone or to the iPhone? I'm exceeding my allotted wifi data at home and I'm able to account for all of it other than my daughters IOS device and my iPad.

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Is there anyway to monitor wifi data on an iPhone 5 with IOS 8? Not that I know of. But your router should have some sort of interface that you could use to track wifi data. Not that I know of but maybe someone else will chime in with some info. Thanks for the reply guys, guess I'll start looking at apps now.

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Look at an app named "DataMan". It will track cellular and WiFi data. Originally Posted by SwitchBeach.

Blood Pressure Monitor - using it with an iPhone 5

Originally Posted by nothingworks. Thanks, will check it out.

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Do you know if this is a 'headless' app? I remember years ago trying to track data usage on an ipod. The app I was using then would show up in the open app list and the user would instinctively close it with the other apps. Like one that doesn't accidentally get closed and stops tracking. It will track the data just fine without you "opening" it or "having it in the background".

Originally Posted by mikeo As long as you open the app when you restart your phone, it should track fine in the background. Also, removing apps from the app list in iOS is a bad habbit that you should avoid. This does nothing but reduce the performance of your device, and cause issues with how apps perform.

User intervention isn't necessary. Just FYI, "headless" app is a seldom used term that doesn't actually mean much in the real world anymore.