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Quickly determine the source of any call, whether offline or online — so that you can make the most informed decisions about your marketing budget. Understanding the ROI of your marketing campaigns is a necessary metric for any business. Listen to the calls instantly on your easy to use dashboard. Call recording provides invaluable insight to train employees, maximize skill sets, and ensures that every customer call is successful.

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Keyword Attribution — Know which keyword phrase and online lead source deliver the most calls. Real-time Call Performance Attribution — Reporting for both offline and online advertising performance.

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Call Tracking Phone Records Complete, clear records of each call are an incomparable tool for legal purposes, staff training and customer service optimization. Data Integration Understanding call results is essential in making marketing, sales decisions and determining campaign efficacy. Benefits Of of Call Tracking Numbers. Agency Tools Providing powerful agency level reporting, reselling, and routing tools.

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Call Security User-friendly data security measures make compliance easy. See How it Works. Understand exactly what is driving phone calls See How it Works. Call center agent performance reports See How it Works.

Mobile phone call tracking software for pc free download - How can i track my iphone 6s

Agency performance reports by client See How it Works. Depending on where a lead finds your company i. By pooling numbers, the software can accurately determine where a lead was on your website when he made the call. You can tie this tracking to landing pages , marketing sources, content, keywords, split testing, and more.

  • Mobile phone call tracking software for pc free download.
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  • mobile phone call tracking software for pc free download.
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Static number tracking is more often used in traditional marketing. The advertising company provides different phone numbers for each ad source such as newspaper, magazine, billboard, and television. Your company is likely engaging in a variety of digital marketing activities like an AdWords campaign, extra landing pages, and guest content posting.

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Installing call tracking software and utilizing the data it provides can help you in several ways. Installing call tracking software enables you to assign a unique phone number to each digital channel and campaign you want to track. The tracked phone numbers lead to a deeper understanding of which digital channels reach your intended audience.

Through tracking your inbound calls via unique numbers, you can determine which channels are worth marketing through and which are not.


Knowing this, you can pull your money from the online magazine and put it into more successful channels. Depending on what kind of call tracking software you install, you will have a varying number of information points you can collect. By tracking inbound calls , you can learn more about how people are finding your company, what kind of websites they frequent, and even demographic information based on your knowledge of specific websites.